Patient Access Security

Patient Access Password Security Update

Patient Access are implementing a new security measure to further protect your data.  They are introducing an additional authentication step when signing in to Patient Access . You will be asked to set a ‘memorable word’ that you will need to enter three characters from when signing in to Patient Access, as well as your usual password. You will also be able to set a ‘memorable word reminder’ to help prompt you if at any point you forget it

Please see the following page to read further - 

Why adding your mobile phone number is recommended

Adding a mobile number to your Patient Access account will ensure that your account is as secure as possible. This will also mean we can further authenticate you if you ever need to reset your password. You do not have to provide us with your mobile phone number, it is an optional security measure, but it is strongly recommended that you do so to help further protect your data.

The security of personal data is of utmost importance to us. We realise how sensitive any information relating to your health is, and we are dedicated to ensuring its safety and privacy.

To reset your PIN or password using Patient Access, you must have your mobile number and email address recorded. Please see the following page on adding and verifiying a mobile number

We're serious about security

Your security is very important to us. We take a number of measures to help safeguard you while you are using Patient Access Services. This page explains how to find out whether you're connected to Patient Access securely. You can then have confidence that you are using the real & legal site and all your communication with it is safe from others.

This site uses a security certificate issued by a trusted authority. This is a way to prove the site is genuine and to tell your browser to use strong encryption for every page you view. You will see the same technology used by online banks and shops.

Please check the certificate and familiarise yourself with how it looks in your browser. Whenever you use the site, check to make sure the certificate is still there. If it isn't, don't use the site and report the problem to your practice, who will bring it to our attention.

We have provided external links below to instructions for all the major browsers on how to view the security certificate. Click the link to open the instructions in a new window.

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