Whiteladies Medical Group is a 'C' card Practice

Previously a scheme ran in Bristol called 4YP Bristol. This aimed to ensure young people could feel assured of receiving prompt, confidential help and advice for health issues, with a special emphasis on sexual health, relationships and contraception. Whiteladies Medical Group was proud to be a 4YP site for many years.

Now the scheme is called C card, and Whiteladies Medical Group is committed to continuing to provide this service to young people. It gives the same free, confidential and easily accessible advice about sexual health and contraception, and can also provide free condoms to people aged under 20 years old.

 The service is available to young people, whether or not they are currently registered with the Practice. Special cards are made available for fast-track appointment requests, free condoms are supplied on the 'C-card' scheme, chlamydia testing is encouraged and contraceptive advice offered. Speak to a member of staff for further information on how to access this service. 

For more information on C card services in the city please see https://www.unitysexualhealth.co.uk/for-the-under-20s/c-card-scheme/